Cost effective fermentation replaces costly extraction
“Allylix Nootkatone has greater linear substantivity than when naturally harvested. Allylix is unusually solid here.”
Marvel Fields
Independent Consulting Perfumer

Allylix's first product is a citrus flavor/fragrance responsible for the distinct flavor and aroma of grapefruit in fruit juices, citrus flavored beverages, and prestige perfumes and colognes. Currently, this flavor is produced in two forms: 1) natural nootkatone - extracted from grapefruit peels, exceptionally expensive given its limited availability; and 2) synthetic nootkatone made by extracting the sesquiterpene valencene from orange peels and then chemically converting it to nootkatone, often resulting in off notes and only slightly less expensive than the naturally occurring compound. Both of these methods are costly and result in nootkatone’s use exclusively for high value applications. 

Substantive value

Because nootkatone is the most “substantive” citrus flavor/fragrance, a rare characteristic that enables a fragrance to last on skin and cloth for an extended period of time, it has broad potential in the large market segments of personal care and household cleaning.  As a result, perfumers use nootkatone to impart a fresh clean scent that holds up over time.

The Company scaled up and commercialized nootkatone in 2010 and it has received excellent feedback from customers. Customers comment on its quality and consider it preferable to competing materials because it has a pure clean scent without the off notes found in extracted or synthetic material. 

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